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hi! sorry if this seems a little too 'lmgtfy' or whatever, but your (excellent) post on finding your skin colour on foundations really confused me. i am very pale, and i have purple/blue-looking veins AND blue/grey eyes (which is why i got personally confused by the post). does this mean i have cool undertones, and if so, should i look for foundation on the yellower or pinker end of the spectrum (if i have to look for these colours at all)? sorry, i just know i am being really dumb here.

I guess my post wasn’t very clear! I’m sorry about that. If you have cool toned eyes (like blue or grey) and cool toned veins (like blue or purple) then you probably also have cool toned skin (pinkish). Cool tones usually go with cool tones, across a person’s whole personal “palette”, if that makes sense.

But you can’t buy foundation sight unseen, so you really won’t know for sure until you try on some swatches. If you don’t want to go into a brick and mortar (and who the hell does), there are a lot of online retailers that will send you cheap samples, for example Meow Cosmetics (I like them! I have ordered several of their samples of powder mineral foundation but not a full size yet), and Coastal Scents.

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